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MP: EU mission targeting Russia rather than Azerbaijan


Recently, the Armenian parliament ratified the agreement on the status of the EU mission stationed on the border in Azerbaijan. As is known, the mission was established in January 2023, and in December, the number of mission participants increased from 138 to 209 people.

The mission of the European Union in Armenia was supposed to be short-term, later it became long-term and its militarization took a large scale. In this way, the West began military intervention in the region. Currently, the US joining this process and planning to send its soldiers to Armenia as part of the EU mission actually means that the West is creating its own military base in Armenia. All these processes take place on the borders of Azerbaijan. So many think that this format is directed against Azerbaijan.

However, member of the Azerbaijani Parliament Fazil Mustafa thinks that this mission links with Russia rather than Azerbaijan. Speaking to Azernews on the issue, Azerbaijani MP noted that Armenia takes these measures because it feels uneasy. He pointed out that Armenia is right in a certain sense from its own point of view. MP underlined that the issue should be approached on the basis of relations with Russia rather than with Azerbaijan. Yerevan emphasized intensive contact with the West.

“However, they probably calculated how dangerous and risky these relationships are. Otherwise, the presence of the EU mission or the US mission in the region can create great cataclysms for Armenia. Because a country that has built such deep relations with Russia suddenly makes a U-turn and approaches to another power center. The protective capabilities of this power center are also not at a high level. Therefore, this issue is still one of the factors that show that Armenia itself is a bit adventurous. This is a dangerous adventure, and it is difficult to say how Armenia will eliminate its consequences,” he said.

Fazil Mustafa pointed out that certain countries are arming Armenia. The activity of France and India is observed. However, he added that Azerbaijan or countries who have interests in the regions also take measures. In other words, armament is never one-sided. He said that on the background all of the above-said events, despite emphasizing peace, Azerbaijan does not put aside preparations for any military intervention from Armenia with support of its allies. Because a new version of Armenian revanchism and stupidity may emerge. He underscored that Azerbaijan will not stand idly by and it will react more seriously and harshly.

This indicates that the path chosen by Armenia is wrong. On the contrary, it should create more intensive relations with Azerbaijan, so that it somehow removes the fear from his society and takes concrete steps towards peace. As I mentioned earlier, the increase in the number of military personnel from the West is a matter related to Russia. For Azerbaijan, Armenia is already a country that maintains a military base of a foreign state in its territory. As is known, except for the military base in Gyumri, the borders of Armenia and the airport are guarded by the military of another country, not by Armenia’s own military. Now, the arrival of a new foreign power means that there will be a problem between the previous power and the newcomers. Therefore, this is more relevant to the relations between Armenia and Russia,” Fazil Mustafa opined.

The MP pointed out that the creation of the West’s military base in Armenia means a military conflict with Russia. Time will show to what extent they will risk it. He said that but in any case, the issue should be considered in the context of Armenia-Russia relations rather than Azerbaijan. On the other hand, the fact that Armenia is a member of the CSTO and taking steps contrary to the terms of this organization is also thought-provoking.

“Because this issue is one of the worrying factors regarding the future of Armenia. By turning its back on Russia, Armenia will also experience problems with the countries it joined the agreement with. Armenia and Russia are countries located in the same region. It is enough to look at the recent history to know how many tragic consequences are caused by having problems with neighboring countries, confident of the support of distant countries. For example, in 1917-1920, the Western countries, as well as the United States, that placed Armenia under their mandate could not protect Armenia from the Bolshevik occupation. Armenians must not forget this. In the future, they will understand how dangerous this step is. Of course, there will be certain impact on the region. However, Azerbaijan also follows the processes and is a country capable of expressing its position and protecting its borders,” the MP added.

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