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Nar continues vocational training for people with hearing impairments


The second stage of the “Training School” project, implemented with support of Nar, which has always paid special attention to the integration of physically challenged people into society, has been completed. Thus, a group of 15 people completed the intensive cooking training and learned the nuances of this profession. The last training stage under the joint project with the “Support to Deaf” Public Union has already begun. Vocational training on engine mechanic profession, selected in accordance with the previously conducted survey, has started its work.

The peculiarity of the engine mechanic training is that the trainer is Bahram Huseynov, who has worked as an engine mechanic for 12 years now and has a 3rd degree hearing disability. According to him, even though it is necessary to hear some sounds during the car repair, it is still possible to cope easily thanks to strong intuition ability.

The “Training school” project, organized by Nar aims to support people with hearing impairments in gaining new skills and integrating to the society. This project will also help people with hearing impairments to find a job. Vocational training initially started in Baku. In the future, it is planned to continue the “Training School” project in the country’s regions.

Nar has organized such trainings for people with hearing impairments for almost four years, thus helping them learn different professions and develop their work skills. Supporting persons with disabilities and their integration to the society is one of the key areas of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy of Nar.

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