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President Ilham Aliyev congratulates Azerbaijani women on International Women’s Day

President Ilham Aliyev

“Azerbaijani women have always shown dedication in preserving and passing on our national and spiritual values from generation to generation, playing an exceptional role in shaping up the current cultural image of our people. They have made invaluable contributions to the fact that our native language, capable of fully expressing the deepest thoughts, has overcome the test of time with dignity and continues to live to this day, retaining its beauty and richnes,” said President Ilham Aliyev in a message of congratulation to Azerbaijani women on the occasion of 8 March, the International Women’s Day.

“Azerbaijani women, who have turned the unity of national and modern virtues into an integral part of their high morality, have, thanks to their extensive public and cultural activities in the new historical conditions, won great public authority and always imparted a certain dynamism to the life of society. They have honorably continued the path of their predecessor enlighteners, holding their name high, taking the first steps among women in the Muslim East in many areas of culture, art, education and science, thus proving that they are innovators with advanced thinking and bearers of progress,” the message by the Azerbaijani President noted.


“I want to emphasize that Azerbaijani women, as an active participant in the construction of a national state, have mobilized their strength to enable us to rise to the top of our achievements during the years of independence and experience the joy of a brilliant Victory. It was thanks to their moral strength and iron resolve that they brought up a younger generation which considers its native land sacred, like a mother. Our women saw it free and attached to national ideals from birth. They have instilled in this generation a sense of unshakable faith that, by the dictates of history, justice will prevail and our just cause will be victorious. This generation, as the most valuable contribution of Azerbaijani women to our modern statehood, having turned into a symbol of the fighting spirit of our people thanks to its courage in the 44-day Patriotic War, has fully justified the hopes”.


“I once again pay homage to the memory of our brave sons who sacrificed their lives in the name of protecting our lands and liberating them from occupation, I convey good wishes to the mothers and widows of our martyrs, the wives of servicemen who lost their health in battles, and to the mothers of soldiers who raised worthy sons for the people.

I am sure that Azerbaijani women will continue to participate in the great creative work in our country with their determination and enrich our history of independence with new successes,” the head of state said in his message.

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