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SOCAR, Technip Energies enter cooperation agreement on offshore sustainable energy development


SOCAR and Technip Energies entered today a cooperation agreement to study sustainability measures in the offshore upstream activities, including CO2 emission reduction, improvement of power efficiency and associated optimization in the total cost of ownership.

The cooperation agreement includes evaluation of a joint pilot project for offshore energy production on a floating wind turbine. The pilot project envisages energy supply for upstream operations in the Caspian Sea. This would be the first case of offshore wind energy production in Azerbaijan.

At present, upstream operations in the Caspian Sea mainly use electricity generated from natural gas. Among the main objectives of the pilot project is to determine the prospects for the supply of sustainable energy to the upstream sector of Azerbaijan, reduce natural gas consumption and increase gas exports.

The agreement was signed by Rovnag Abdullayev, SOCAR president and Marco Villa, Technip Italy S.p.A. Chairman of the Board. Speaking at the signing ceremony, the president of SOCAR said: “The energy efficiency is in focus of many energy companies and is an important part of SOCAR’s strategic plans. In line with the development trends of technology, we are already entering this area. Our goal is to reduce operating costs, increase energy efficiency and ensure the sustainability of operations at SOCAR.

Technip Energies is a company with valuable experience in the field of sustainable energy. We have had fruitful cooperation with Technip Italy in other areas, such as the modernization of our Azerkimya petrochemical complex. I am confident that the partner company, which is interested in various new areas of cooperation in our country, such as green chemistry, digitalization and sustainable energy development, can succeed in these areas as well.”

Marco Villa, Chief Operating Officer of Technip Energies, said: “We are proud to cooperate with SOCAR, a long-standing Client, which is committed to a sustainable development toward new energies. This collaboration is fully in line with our ambition to accelerating the transition toward a low carbon society”.

This year Technip has successfully completed its role in the modernization project of SOCAR Azerkimya, which started back in 2016. With more than 60 years of experience, Technip Energies operates in 34 countries around the world. The company has 15,000 employees. Technip Energies provides engineering and construction services in LNG (liquefied gas), hydrogen production, sustainable (green) chemistry, biofuels, decarbonization and other fields.

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