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Stay connected anywhere with ‘Nar Wi-Fi’


Get high-speed Internet anywhere with ‘Nar Wi-Fi’ as you enjoy your summer vacation in, or move to a new apartment or office, or even if you cannot connect to the fixed-line Internet at home. All you have to do is to take the router with you for uninterrupted and high-quality Internet access. The equipment provides Internet access anywhere covered by the Nar LTE network.

Note that ‘Nar Wi-Fi’ router can be easily installed by the subscriber. The device starts automatically after inserting a SIM card into the router and connecting it to the power supply. With ‘Nar Wi-Fi’, subscribers are provided with 20 GB and 50 GB internet packages. It ensures high-speed internet access to more than 30 devices at the same time for an affordable price.

‘Nar+’ app allows users to check the status of the current package, account balance on the device, as well as top up and purchase new ‘Nar Wi-Fi’ packages. Visit us at https://www.nar.az/en/nar-wi-fi/  to get further information about the device and tariffs.

‘Azerfon’ LLC (Nar trademark) started its operations on March 21, 2007, and within a short period of time became one of the leading companies of the telecommunications and mobile communication industry of Azerbaijan. The ‘Nar’ brand name was selected as the symbol that resembles the cohesion of the rich cultural and historical heritage of Azerbaijan with the modern life. Being the first operator in the country to introduce the 3G technology, Nar provides the customers with a wide 4G network coverage. With a large network of over 8760 base stations, covering 90% of the country’s territory, Nar provides more than 2.3 million subscribers with the highest quality services.

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