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Western Azerbaijani Community responds to US Secretary of State

Western Azerbaijani Community

Western Azerbaijani Community reacted to US Secretary of State’s statement: “We categorically reject this list”, Azernews reprots.

Azernews reprots, Western Azerbaijani Community statement says:

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrogantly included Azerbaijan in some so-called list related to religious freedom. First of all, no one has authorised the US to make any conceivable reports, lists on religious freedom in the countries of the world, and the use of such practice by the US is a manifestation of false “American exceptionalism”.

It was noted that the U.S. “bills” dozens of countries in its world by placing countries whose policies it considers hostile on such an undervalued list. The hypocrisy of those who turn a blind eye to Armenia’s destruction of the Azerbaijani people’s cultural heritage, mosques, cemeteries, religious and ethnic prejudices, crusader mentality is disgusting:

“At a time when” Epstein’s list “to the American public, from lies to peace shaken morality, conscience, human rights, the rule of law by mischievous acts of those who “passed the lesson”, about whom, about what” the U.S. itself is concerned, look, it is incomprehensible. Instead of meddling in the affairs of other countries, the US should go and deal with its own domestic problems, including securing the rights of indigenous peoples it has historically suppressed.

The “logic” of US diplomacy is also “striking.” On the one hand, the U.S. invites Azerbaijan to the Washington platform, while on the other hand, it takes one hostile step against Azerbaijan after another.

The US list on religious freedom has no force, no weight and we categorically reject it”.

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