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Addressing Environmental problems: Local or Global level?

environment problems

The growing concern of scientists, politicians and world leaders on environmental issues and expected adverse impacts of future brought them together in international arenas. For years, these people in international arenas have been seeking solutions to global environmental problems. As a result of long searches, international regimes are established. This …

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Why there is still no World Environment Organization?

Till today, there has been 40 years of debate on establishing of World Environment Organization. The call started from the US on creation of International Environment agency. However, instead of establishing new separate and autonomous environment organization, in 1972, Stockholm Conference on Human Environment, member states of UN agreed on …

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Post-revolutionary state building in Ukraine and Georgia

Rose Revolution Georgia

Introduction Corruption is organized, common and highly institutionalized element in post-soviet countries. In these countries both governmental officials and citizens are corrupted and give and get bribe in favor of their problems, work. Informal rules and norms are more powerful than laws and formal rules between public and private sectors, …

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Why do we need strong United Nations?

“The 70th anniversary of the United Nations is an opportunity to reflect – to look back on the UN’s history and take stock of its enduring achievements. It is also an opportunity to spotlight where the UN – and the international community as a whole – needs to redouble its …

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