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Baklava tastes great, but where does it originate from?


Turks and Greeks agree that baklava is great but disagree on who invented it first, a recent survey showed, Azernes report, citing Anadolu Agency.

The survey, conducted in Greece and Türkiye between June 14 and 16 with the participation of over 1,800 people, revealed that more than 95% of Turks claim baklava as their own.

Meanwhile, over two-thirds of the Greeks polled argued that baklava is theirs and one-third acknowledged that it is a Turkish delicacy.

The survey also showed that the preference of filling also differs between the neighboring countries. Nearly 57% of Greeks like it with walnuts, while more than 56% of Turks prefer baklava with pistachios.

In 2013, baklava from Türkiye’s Gaziantep province became the first Turkish product to be registered in the protected designations of origins and protected geographical indications list established by the European Commission to promote and protect the names of quality agricultural products.

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