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Azerbaijan-Pakistan relations ‘backed by economic interests’ – analyst


Azerbaijan and Pakistan feel the comfort level in expectations to each other, it is mainly because both the nations believe in positivity and productivity, said analyst Shazia Cheema, Trend reports with reference to Pakistan Today.

She said there are no hidden agendas or bad intentions between the two countries.

“Both want safe, sovereign, prosperous future and both feel that they can expect any help in this regard based on their perceived notion,” she said.

“This is a unique and cherishable relationship,” said Cheema.

She also noted that the youth of both countries wish to meet and exchange their experience, knowledge, and skills and these desires need proper platforms, government support, diplomatic encouragement, and financial resources.

“I believe diplomatic relations can only be sustained when they are backed by economic interests and bilateral trade. So, business people must work closely to enhance bilateral trade between the two nations because the level of trade was reported just around $16-17 million annually (according to 2019-2020 figures).”

The report also noted the support of Pakistan for Azerbaijan during the Karabakh war.

“Azerbaijan under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev has reclaimed its territory which was under the illegal occupation of Armenia. Yerevan will remain licking its wounds, inflicted by shameless defeat of Armenia at the hands of the strong and resilient nation of Azerbaijan,” noted Cheema.

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