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Be inspired by Azerbaijan’s most beautiful lake Goygol

Lake Goygol

Located thirty kilometres from the city of Goygol, in Azerbaijan’s Goygol National park, Lake Goygol is famous for its stunning, crystal-clear water.

Sitting 1,500 metres above sea level surrounded by lush forests in the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, many consider Goygol (meaning Blue Lake) to be Azerbaijan’s most beautiful lake.

The picturesque lake surrounded by dense forest, formed as result of an earthquake in 1139 from the peak of Mount Kapaz, which towers above adding drama to the wonderful scenery, attracts thousands of local tourists each year.

The deep blue lake surrounded by lush forests in the Lower Caucasus Mountains stretches for almost 3 kilometres.

A variety of wildlife, including several species of birds and fish, call the area home too.

Given its beauty, Lake Goygol has long been a source of inspiration for Azerbaijani artists, musicians and writers, including Nizmai Ganjavi – the greatest representative of the Eastern Renaissance who lived in the region in the 12th century.

When is the best time to visit?

Because of Lake Goygol’s altitude, the air temperatures will be a welcome change from Azerbaijan’s summer.

The vast majority of tourists visit in either spring or summer. But, each season brings a different feel and ambience.

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