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Caspian Energy Club puts up for sale equity stake in Caspian Energy Russia

Caspian Energy Russia

The Caspian Energy Club expands its activities in Russia. In order to implement this project, the Caspian Energy Club has put up for sale an equity interest in Caspian Energy Russia. This was said by Chairman and CEO of the Caspian Energy Club Telman Aliyev.

As part of the package of the offer for the sale of the equity stake, Caspian Energy Russia gets the right to publish the journal of the same name in Russian and English. It also provides for full or partial integration into the following projects: Caspian Energy TV, Caspian Energy photo, Caspian Energy News, Caspian Energy Investor, Caspian Energy Jobs and Caspian Energy Information. Caspian Energy Russia will organize the international Caspian Energy Forum several times a year in Moscow, Astrakhan, Kazan, Tyumen and other cities of Russia. Besides, Caspian Energy Russia will annually organize the awarding ceremonies of the international prizes Caspian Energy Award Russia, Caspian Business Award Russia and Brand Award Russia. At the same time, various events and forums in the B2G, B2B and B2C format will be organized monthly in different regions of Russia with the participation of representatives of government agencies and top managers of companies from the Caspian-Black Sea and Baltic countries.

The Business Tour project will provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to personally visit and view investment potential of different regions and enterprises of Russia.

The international journal Caspian Energy has been operating since May 28, 1999 and is distributed in 50 countries around the world. The Caspian Energy trademark was also registered in 50 countries around the world.

For 20 years, the journal has published interviews of presidents and prime ministers of different countries, as well as heads of reputable and international organizations, large multinational companies, surveys and analytical materials of leading experts. According to various estimates, Caspian Energy journal is one of the five leading publications of the Caspian-Black Sea and Baltic regions and serves as a reference point for many investors when they study areas of activities in the Caspian-Black Sea and Baltic regions.

The Caspian Energy Club which brings together over 5,000 companies and organizations from 50 countries was established in June 2002. As an active participant of the business-to-government dialogue, the major objective of the Caspian Energy Club is to improve the investment and business climate in Azerbaijan and in other countries where the Caspian Energy Club operates, as well as to stimulate and actively participate in the B2G, B2B and B2C dialogues.

The Caspian Energy Club is the international business-networking platform and regularly organizes various events. The head office of the Caspian Energy Club is in Baku. The Caspian Energy Club has official representative offices in Georgia and Kazakhstan, and authorized representatives in different countries around the world.

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