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Igor Korotchenko: Azerbaijani army shows example of waging war in XXI century

Igor Korotchenko

During the counter-terrorist operation to liberate the occupied lands, the Azerbaijani army has shown an example of waging war in the XXI century, said Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko told Russia’s Vestnik Kavkaza Information-Analytical Agency in an interview with ‘Region Plus’ magazine, Trend reports.

“I can say with confidence that the scale of military operations with the use of modern weapons – drones, barrage ammunition, means of high – precision destruction of targets – is very carefully studied by the general staffs of the leading countries of the world. The world has not yet known such examples when one army, fighting with another army, uses such a large number of high-precision weapons. In terms of the scale and intensity of the use of strike drones, this is the first such case in world history. Neither the US, nor Russia, nor Israel, nor any other country in the world has used strike drones on this scale. UAVs in conflicts of this type have proven their indisputable advantage. To this, we must add the tactics of the Azerbaijani army to eliminate the enemy’s air defense forces and means and the subsequent massive use of drones to destroy armored vehicles, highly protected targets and manpower,” the expert believes.

He noted that the use of precision weapons minimizes civilian casualties.

“From this point of view, Azerbaijan has achieved military success and at the same time saved the lives of civilians living in Nagorno-Karabakh region,” he said

“I think that there will be significant changes in the field of tactics of combat operations. Of course, the experience of the Azerbaijani army will be studied in detail,” Korotchenko added.

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