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International Robotex competition to be held in Azerbaijan for first time

International Robotex The world’s largest robot competition, International Robotex, will be held in Azerbaijan for the first time, organised by the Global Olympic Centre and supported by the European Union, Azernews reports.

Everyone, from preschoolers to students studying in higher schools, will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in this competition.

At the Robotex competition, which will be organised for the first time in Azerbaijan, participants will compete in 2 main categories and 19 subcategories.

In addition to competing with their robots, participants will also have the chance to present their startups. This way, they will get to know the world’s most famous entrepreneurs, engineers, and investors.

The selection round of the competition will be held in Azerbaijan on March 2–3, with the participation of several countries. The winning teams in the selection round will have the right to participate in the semi-finals, which will be held in Antalya on April 20-21. The successful teams in this round will represent our country in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, on November 15-19.

At the stage organised in Azerbaijan, the best 3 teams in 19 categories will be recognised. At the same time, a team specially selected by the jury will also advance to the semi-finals in its category.

In the final stage of this prestigious event, which has been organised since 2001, thousands of robotics engineers, professionals, and enthusiasts from every continent gather under the same roof every year and exchange global knowledge and experience. Everyone can participate in International Robetex from pre-school age to 4th year higher education students.

The last date of registration is January 20, 2024.

It should be noted that the purpose of the International Robotex Competition is to teach young generations not only to be interested in science and technology but also to gain experience in these fields to face the challenges of the 21st century, as well as to educate children and young people about these issues in our world, where robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation play an increasingly important role.

Robotex provides participants with networking, international development, and academic advancement. The purpose of this festival is not only to compete or learn but also to create an extensive communication network that connects participants with industry leaders, engineers, managers, students, and apprentices.


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