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Israeli expert says sanctions must be imposed on Armenia due to attacks on Azerbaijani civilians

Mikhail Finkel

Opinions are increasingly heard that the Armenian regime and Armenia as a country should be held accountable for their numerous crimes committed during the Armenian-Azerbaijani war, Israeli lawyer, an expert in international law, and international policy Mikhail Finkel told Trend.

“The world has repeatedly witnessed the flagrant crimes of the Armenian side, when, during the war in occupied Karabakh, the Armenian Armed Forces fired at peaceful cities of Azerbaijan. They repeatedly bombarded Ganja city and other cities and villages of Azerbaijan, as a result of which civilians were killed. We all know that there are no military objects on the territory of these cities and villages. The location of these cities and villages is very far from the front line, and any information that there were any military points or military objects there, that the Azerbaijani army was firing from there, is false and is an absolute, and complete lie, which is confirmed by numerous testimonies of journalists from different countries and information from satellites,” said the lawyer.

Finkel stressed that these actions by Armenia are in violation of the 1949 Geneva Convention, which prohibits the intentional and purposeful destruction of the civilian population during hostilities, adding that numerous killed and wounded civilians from the Azerbaijani side is a consequence of Armenia’s actions.

Speaking about the shelling of civilians in Azerbaijan by the Armenian Armed Forces, the expert added that both those who gave these criminal orders and those who followed them must be punished.

“Those who ordered to fire and who fired must certainly be prosecuted and ultimately brought to court. And it’s easy to find out who they are,” Finkel noted.

He also said that sanctions against Armenia may be imposed by the Turkic-speaking states, many Muslim states, and other countries friendly to Azerbaijan.

The expert added that all these countries could join the sanctions if Armenia does not recognize its crimes, does not repent, does not pay compensation to all victims and families of those killed during the brutal terrorist attacks on peaceful cities of Azerbaijan.


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