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Azerbaijan – vivid example of multicultural humanistic values and traditions in the Caucasus

he restoration of independence allowed the Azerbaijan Republic to confidently develop along the path  of  building  a  democratic,  sovereign,  law-governed  and  secular  state.  Both  throughout  its  long history and at present,  Azerbaijan  has  been  striving to maintain good neighborly relations with all states and give a new impetus to intercultural …

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Why Azerbaijan needs a Strategic Reform of its foreign policy towards the European Union?

Europen Union and Azerbaijan

Introduction In 2015 Azerbaijan has experienced substantial economic difficulties due to its dependence on oil exports and the drop of the oil prices, which eventually forced the Azerbaijani govermenment to devaluate its national currency. The fall in oil prices is essentially influencing the incomes and venture prospects, thus taking a toll on the …

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The Economy of Azerbaijan in 2015

GDP per capital and dynamics

Introduction In 2015, the expansion of the US economy accompanied with improved employment rates led the FED to switch to contractionary monetary policy. On the other hand, the second largest economic power-China encountered a lower long-term economic growth rate with a fall in exports, and thereby adversely affecting global economic activity. Moreover, the …

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Besh Barmagh mountain

The ancient land of Azerbaijan is steeped in history and folklore and discovering the country’s superstitions can be a lot of fun. To get you started Visions has explored several sites where locals and travellers are welcome to come and make their dreams come true… The Church of Kish It’s …

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Herb pancakes – Goyerti gutabi

Herb pancakes - Goyerti gutabi

Gutabs, a version of pancakes, are an Azerbaijani national dish and can be made with meat, herbs or pumpkin. Gutabs are widespread in the Shirvan region which covers Baku, Shamakhi and the plain south to the Kur River. The cuisine of the Shirvan region is known for its flour-based dishes …

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