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Iran, Azerbaijan cooperate on joint use of border rivers – Iranian official

Iran, Azerbaijan

Iran and Azerbaijan have great cooperation on joint use of border rivers, Adviser on International Affairs to the Iranian Energy Minister Mohammad Ali Farahnakian told Trend.

The official noted that joint cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan on the use of border rivers has been going on for more than 50 years with the construction of the Araz and Mil-Mughan water reservoirs on the Araz River.

Farahnakian also added that the two countries have joint plans to make maximum use of the potential of the Araz River. According to the memorandum approved between the two countries, Khudafarin and Giz Galasi hydro junctions were built.

“Along with regulating the water of the Araz River, these hydro junctions created an opportunity to build hydroelectric power plants. On this basis, two HPPs will be built by the Iranian company and needed funds will be provided by both countries,” he said.

Iranian officials recalled that Iranian Energy Minister Ali Akbar Mehrabian recently announced that Iran was ready to build a thermal power plant in Azerbaijan. In this regard, research will be conducted on the construction of the power plant in Azerbaijan.

The electricity generated by this power plant will be used jointly. Iran has international potential for the construction of power plants.

The Giz Galasi and Khudafarin hydro junctions have a capacity of more than 1.6 billion cubic meters. Also, the hydroelectric power plants of the same name will have a capacity to generate 280 megawatt-hours of electricity in total. These hydro junctions and hydroelectric power plants will allow both sides to share the water and energy resources of the Araz River.

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