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Azerbaijan in the Second World War


Ending of the war.


After clearing territory of the USSR from the fascists a nature of war, which this the country conducted with Germany, has changed. The war proceeded for an implementation of policy of the Soviet empire`s chiefes directed to creation of communist modes in East Europe and Far East. The peoples of empire have given new victims. As well as all soldiers of the Soviet Army considering war against a fascism as business of honour, both Azerbaijan soldiers and officers actively accepted participations in battles. 223 Azerbaijan division differed in clearing Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia. To it was appropriated a honourable rank of “Belgrad”. 1945 of heroism of this division in clearing city Vienna from an enemy was marked by an award ” The Red Banner”. 77-th Azerbaijan division finished war in Kurlyandiya.

In clearing Poland and Czechoslovakia from the fascists took part also 271-st Azerbaijan division. 20 azerbaijanians, including Ziya Bunyatov,   Aslan Vazirov, Mamish Abdullayev shown of courage in these battles were awarded a high rank of “The Hero of the Soviet Union”. 416-th Azerbaijan division in structure of 5-th shock army accepted active participation in clearing Poland. The battery commander B. Mirzayev for heroism was awarded to a rank ” of the Hero of the Soviet Union “.

In February, 1945 416-th division broke to resistance of the enemy had left on a coast the river Oder and it steel by one of the first military parts of the Soviet Army running a road to Berlin (marshal G. K. Jukov). 416-th division accepted active participation in battles for a capture Kustrin – gate of Berlin in February, – March 1945. In Aprils 20, it having grasped Kolosserdorf continued attack to Reichstag. 1374 regiment of this division has grasped palace “Vilhelm”. For the large heroism on street battles and in attack to Reichstag Yusif Sadigov was presented to a rank of “The Hero of the Soviet Union”. In May 2, 1373 regiment of 416-th division has lifted a banner of a victory above the Brandenburgo gate of Berlin. In night of May 9, 1945 military command of Germany has signed the act of unconditional capitulation. August 9, 1945 the Soviet Union has joined in war against Japan. September 2 with capitulation of Japan finished the Second World war.

As the winner left war the Soviet empire. And basic reason of this victory was that, that the totalitarian mode could mobilize forces of all nations of empire against a fascism. The true patriots of the country among the population and in lines of the Soviet Army, the people considering that a fascism is the even greater evil than bolshevism, self-denyingly struggled against the German fascism. For military feats only from Azerbaijan 121 soldiers and officer, including 45 azerbaijanians were awarded by a high, honourable rank of “The Hero of the Soviet Union”.   30 men has received all levels of an award “Glory”, 176 000 men – award and medal of the Soviet Union. On fronts more than 400 000 azerbaijanians were lost.

The fascists hoping for fragility of union of the peoples of the USSR and the Soviet Army, planned to destroy or to leave in conditions of dependence of these peoples. And consequently it was not possible to carry out the plans of a raising the antisoviet movement of the peoples, financially and spiritually loosens multinational Red Army.

The Soviet empire could keep the territory, colonies, has expanded borders and sphere of influence. There came to authority communist modes on East Europe and Far East.

The spiritual consequences of a victory of the Soviet empire in war were large. A victory has consolidated belief to “superiority” existing in the country of political, economic and ideological system.

The second World war for new divisions both expansions of spheres influence and world markets was self-denying struggle of the peoples, which estimated of goods and evil from different positions, against front of evil. Each of these peoples hoped and struggled for a victory. But has won validity and truth. For this victory and people of Azerbaijan made all, that could, gave the large victims and it has proved that always in the parties of the truth.


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