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Azerbaijan in the Second World War


In Guerilla groups. In anti-fascist movement in Europe.


Within war a part of azerbaijanians got in captivity to german continued struggle against a fascism, have made escape from captivity and entered into guerilla groups. Akpar Aliyev accepted active participation in organization of guerilla group in region Belotsk of Byelorussia. Since 1942 he became the chief of the headquarters of guerilla connection, and since 1944 – the commander of guerilla group after Suvorov. This guerilla group frequently has attacked fascist garrison. It buried 11 military echelons, 3 planes of the enemy, 28 times cut of a telephone line Berlin – front, have destroyed hundreds fascists, have rescued from captivity of 4 thousand Soviet people. Ismail Aliyev was the chief of the headquarters of the guerilla brigade which was at war in Kalinin area since October, 1942. 50 military captives – azerbaijanians under the direction of the officer Mammad Aliyev in September, 1943 have made escape from fascist camp of military captivity and have organized the special Azerbaijan guerilla group of number 8 on Crimea. In autumn of this year 400 azerbaijanians having made escape from captivity have organized guerilla group of a name Shors in the Ukrainian woods. Guerilla group of a name Uritcki under command A. Maharramov and H. Namazov together with Czech partisans suddenly attacking fascist air station at the village Dobshina on Carpathians, have destroyed 21 military planes, 70 officers and soldier of enemy. In 1944 this guerilla group having united with other guerilla groups accepted an active participation in the struggle against the fascists on Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland. They passed of 11 thousand km of a road in back of the opponent, has destroyed more than 2,5 thousand fascist officers and soldier, 32 planes, more than 50 echelons of an enemy, have put out of action hundreds bridges and railway ways. B. Dadashov and A. Aliyev were recognized as the courageous fighter in known guerilla army under command S. A. Kovpak. For courage 500 azerbaijanians were awarded in Ukrainian and 100 – in the Byelorussian guerilla groups.

Azerbaijanians took part and in guerilla warfare of the European peoples against the fascism. In spring of 1942 azerbaijanians, who were in captivity under a management of Hadi Giyasbayov and Mirzakhan Mammadov have organized illegal anti-fascist group in camp of military captives in Poland`s city Edlin. In the autumn of this year group of captives have made escape with the help of this organization under the direction of the officers Z. Zeynalov and H. Novruzov, also joined with Polish partisans. In the beginning of 1943 the fascists have got on a trace of this organization. A part of captives could make escape and having passed lines of front joined with parts of the Soviet army. A part exposed were sent in death camps in France. Illegal organization continued the work under the direction of M. Mammadov in death camp which was in city Rodes. Only in months March – April, 1944 from this camp was organized escapes 200 captives. In spring of this year illegal organization has adjusted connection with a management of the Resistance Movement of France. The revolt plan in April 15 and destructions of a death camp with the help French partisans was prepared. However, few hours up to a beginning of revolt the fascists have received the information on it and revolt was prevented. The chiefs of illegal organization were arrested and sentenced to a death penalty. But they have attacked supervision. In struggle has died 5 men, including M. Mammadov, and others could run and joined with partisans. The Azerbaijan soldiers run from death camps in France were included into structure of the First Soviet guerilla army and accepted active participation in clearing Rodes, Larzak, Kursak, Mond , Nim etc. cities and tens villages of France from an enemy. The important role have played in the French Movement of Resistance A. Jabrayilov, A.Abdullayev, Kh.Hajiyev, R. Rzayev etc. Ahmadiyya Jabrayilov , who having run away from a death camp in November, 1942, has joined with partisans and accepted active participation in liberation movement of France, and has received of the high award of this country ” the Militarian medal “, which gives the honourable right to the soldier to go ahead of the general in military parades.

Hundreds fighters from Azerbaijan actively participated in guerilla movement behind clearing of Italy and Yugoslavia. Their large group battled in the Soviet guerilla batallion, which conducted 9 months battle in structure of IХ case of National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia. 50 of them received for courage awards and medals of Yugoslav ia.

The fearless scout Mehti Huseynzade – legendary “Mikhaylo”, who has got in captivity hardly wounded in region Kalach at Stalingrad in August, 1942 and was included in structure of the Azerbaijan national military part, which was organized by Germans, soon has understood present plan the fascists, having made escape, has come in structure partisans of Yugoslavia and heroically struggled against the enemy. The chief of subversive group of the Yugoslavian National Army M. Huseynzade, and included in this group Т. Aliyev, M. Seyidov, A. Mammadov, D. Ismayilov together with sloven partisans have destroyed more than one thousand German officers in different operations. In November 16, 1944 he has got in an encirclement in a village Vitovli and not to get in a hand of the enemy has killed itself. In 1957 he was awarded to a rank of “Hero of the Soviet Union “.

By one of groups, which were organized by the prisoners run together from fascist camps supervised A.Babayev. Differed in battles for clearing of Northern Italy from a fascism V.Husseynov, A. Mirzoyev,Sh. Mejidov etc. Fearless machine-gunner Vilayat Husseynov was among partisans which have arrested the leader of the Italian fascism Mussoli. He heroically was lost in battles behind clearing Milan from the fascists.

Was closely connected lieutenant Hajibayov to guerilla group in Czechoslovakia, which named “Sickle and hammer”. One of the active members of illegal anti-fascist organization, which worked in a death camp “Buhenvald” about city Weimar in Germany was young azerbaijanian Akpar Agayev. Having opened his activity the fascists have killed him with heavy tortures. Actively worked azerbaijanians in illegal anti-fascist organizations of the prisoners in death camps “Dahau”, “Mauthausen” etc.

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