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Oil Rocks – wonder of Industrial World

On 24 July 1949, 60 years ago to the day that this is written, an intrepid group of oil workers began to drill into the bed of the Caspian Sea. They were some 42 kilometres south-east of the Absheron Peninsula – that “beak” of Azerbaijan which juts into the world´s …

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Neft Dashlary

The discovery of the unique Oil Rocks (Neft Dashlary) offshore field in 1949 became an important event in the development of the oil sector in Azerbaijan: major offshore facilities equipped with high-quality (at the time) domestic equipment were created in the open sea at a distance of up to 100 …

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Multilateral relation of Azerbaijan Republic

Azerbaijan – United Nations Cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the United Nations was established soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union and after Azerbaijan restored its independence. The Republic of Azerbaijan was admitted into the United Nations on March 2, 1992 and the Permanent Mission of the Republic …

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